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  • Start Date: 7 Oct 2021
  • Location: Virtual

Better visibility and planning in digital supply chain context translates to fewer disruptions, increased customer satisfaction, and lower costs. Disruptive events, ranging from a black swan event like the pandemic to the Suez Canal blockage, can cause these competitive advantages to disappear. These disruption forced companies across industries to immediately address shortages of parts/materials, and swings in demand of goods. That required many to suddenly rewire their supply chains and many of them were not equipped to do that efficiently. 

This virtual summit will help you align your current supply chain with your business.  

What are the pros and cons of the visibility and planning? What is the value proposition of doing this? Attendees will be better equipped to deal with Digital Supply Chain challenges of today and in the future.  

  • LEARN how companies are addressing these challenges and reshape your supply chain to fit demands. Such topics as Resiliency, Agile Supply Chains, Risk Management, Evolution of Supply Chains to Digital and Mitigating Supply Chain Risks will be addressed

  • BUILD upon your network to provide trusted sources of advice, support, and opportunities

  • EXAMINE the impact of disruptions on the supply chain

  • OPTIMIZE the management and capabilities of your supply chain

  • EXPLORE customer stories, panels, and case studies that offer lessons learned, insights on how they are using new solutions and optimizing what they have and expanding their skillsets and knowledge

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